About - Food Harmonics
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Food from Our Family to Yours


We are ultimately inspired by the simple desire for a KIND and LOVING world that nurtures and values our planet and all Life.

This, our first restaurant and shop in Ojai , CA, opened in November 2016.  Our unique menu reflects our own dietary and healing journeys.  Our combined knowledge of nutrition, bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing has informed every step of this creative adventure.
The RESULT:  a menu offering FOOD that is REAL, ORGANIC, GLUTEN-FREE, NUTRITIONALLY DENSE and AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS;  an indoor and outdoor space that is OPEN, CLEAN and HARMONIOUS; and a staff that strives to be WELCOMING and KIND.
We welcome EVERYONE at Food Harmonics with an open heart, and sincerely invite all to meet around our tables : VEGAN, VEGETARIAN AND PALEO offerings abound.
Please come and visit us in the HEART of downtown OJAI.


“FOOD HARMONICS™ recognizes the deep healing support nutrition can provide, on all levels of being, from the physical to the emotional, the mental and the spiritual”.

Some of our offerings:

Fermented foods–sauerkraut, probiotic water kefir, probiotic chutneys and hot sauce

Super Foods/Healing foods:  Lucuma, CBD oil (Ojai EnergeticsTM), baobab, Chia Seed
 Turmeric, Pitaya, bone broth

House-made Nut milks (pecan, almond, cashew), sprouted grains and seeds for our breads, dosas, and pizza crust